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                                   PRESS RELEASE From Election Committee – Sept. 23, 2019

Result: University of Karachi Alumni Association (UKAA) Election And General Body Meeting on 22nd Sept. Sunday. 

UKAA held the General Body meeting of Paid Members on 22ndSept. 2019, 2:00 PM.                    Mr. Shamim ul Haq presided the meeting. 

After exceeding quorum requirements (52 % v/s 35 % required), the meeting started at 2:30 PM. The following decisions were made during the meeting.

Bylaws were ratified by the General Body. 

The following five candidates for Director positions were elected by acclamation.

  • Asif Masood Jamie

    Basharat Hussain Mirza

    Vaqar Raees

    Akhlaq Khan Sherwani

    Mohammed AbdulNauman Waheed

    · The five Directors elected the executive positions as follows:

    President: Vaqar Raees

    Secretary: Basharat Hussain Mirza

    Treasurer: Akhlaq Khan Sherwani

    Please join us in congratulating the five Directors and wish them success in advancing the causes of UKAA.

    Let us also pay gratitude to the outgoing Directors and all volunteers for serving this organization with their hearts and minds for several years.

    Thanks, and Regards.

    UKAA Elections UKAAElections@gmail.com

    Election Committee members:

    Syed Muzaffar muzaffarsyed12@gmail.com

    Munir Pervaiz munirpervaiz@rogers.com

    Habeeb Sheikh habeeb.a.sheikh@gmail.com