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                                University of Karachi Alumni Association, Toronto, Canada.


Dear Scholarship Donors, Assalamualaikum                            

The University of Karachi Alumni Association is pleased to inform our esteemed
and generous donors that our Scholarship Committee managed to award 55
scholarships of  Rupees 12,000 each for the academic term of 2016-17. It became
possible because your kind heart showed concern by donating for the needy and
bright students of your Alma Mater.

Together, we will do it again for 2017-18. Kindly spare some of your precious time again to attend our annual scholarship donation dinner. Please RSVP by June 30,2017.

We are expecting our guests to donate a minimum of $100.0 each  (this covers only a portion of one student’s fee for two semesters), and if possible meet their own food expenses which will cost $20 each person. If you have already donated for the year 2017-18 then you need not pay any more donation and your presence at the dinner will be appreciated.

Date:          Friday, July 7, 2017,  7-11 pm

Address:      Continental Buffet, 4141 Dixie Rd., Units #10&11, Mississauga

RSVP:  30 June 2017.  

We need to tell the Restaurant by 30 June so they could reserve a room accordingly.

Note: Post dinner entertainment with light music, Ghazal / Nazam recitation and
poetry by some selected poets of refined taste.
Looking forward to welcome you all.
Kind regards,

UKAA Scholarship committee

Habeeb Sheikh         416.843.0949

Ishtiaq Khan             647.285.2674

Syed Muzzaffar        905.821.9397

Aklaq Sherwani        416.999.7794

This note issued by Qamar Faiz, Communication Secretary, Alumni Committee

Qamar Faiz can be contacted at 416-878-3294